01) Why waiting for payment?

Normally, we take time to review your payment through our payment processors. This might take upto 24 hours and we are very sorry for the inconvenience.

02) How many days to get exact result?

Technically, We are working 24/7 to improve your ranking. But Alexa rank will be changed only once per day (Sometime, once per 2 days). So, keep waiting and we will take you to targeted Alexa rank as soon as possible.

03) Are you sending traffic?

Yes! as a part of our SEO process, we will send visitors to your website. They are coming from Search Engines, Social Media and advertising platforms. We always keep our eye on your traffic and please keep your website alive for 24/7.

04) How many backlinks you create?

It depends. If your website has more pages, we will make more backlinks. But keep noted that we do not spam on forums/blogs. So, you should not pressure us to create unlimited backlinks. Let it go as it does!